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One in four of us will experience mental health issues at some point. "Good work" and the right help makes all the difference in getting back on track - and that's what we're all about.

Adults experiencing mental health issues may be or feel vulnerable and we aim to support them on their journey to a better life. We know that short-term or longer-term issues benefit from good work in a supportive and companionable atmosphere.

People join in our community and choose to use our services as 'service users' and the work available consists of commercial tasks for our business service clients. Of course we take good care to make sure each person only has work appropriate to their abilities and needs.

As well as providing work experience and computer facilities where people are supported in applying for jobs, we take a wider holistic approach that has seen remarkable results. We help our service users sort out personal issues with officialdom (council, landlords, etc.), organise events such a dentist to come in to advise on oral hygiene, trips to the seaside, pre-work breakfast club and generally foster a social environment where lasting friendships are made.The sense of enjoyment and personal fulfilment among the men and women busy packing envelopes or making boxes is palpable – they take pride in their work and rebuild their own personal pride and self-confidence at the same time. But for some Phoenix has been more than a stepping stone – becoming nothing short of a life line.

Meet the staff

Emma Rees

Chair of board of trustees
Emma Rees

Emma Rees has been chairman of Phoenix Enterprises for the past three years.

She says "The reason I joined Phoenix is to make a difference to the lives of those that are struggling to deal with day-to-day life. Most of us go about our daily business and take for granted how easy it is to …well ….just function! The Service Users that we have under our care suffer from a variety of illnesses and disabilities. This could be depression, Autism, they may have suffered a trauma in their lives, or be recovering from a substance dependancy. Mental health issues can affect anyone and one in 4 people are currently suffering ….probably someone you know!

What I love most about my role is seeing the Service User gain confidence and feel secure in the environment we provide. To see a person go from rock bottom to being well enough, confident enough and happy to return to work is so rewarding.

We couldn't provide this safe haven without the customers, supporters and dedicated team that we have."

Karen Hyde

Karen Hyde

Karen Hyde is the Service User Liason Manager at Phoenix Enterprises.

Ann Leach

Ann Leach

Ann Leach is the Production Manager at Phoenix Enterprises.

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