We have an exciting and unique trustee position where a manager at Aligra does a one-year placement at Phoenix. Leah is the first to take on this opportunity, with ‘win-win’ benefits.

She will develop her management skills including leadership and financial management, gaining experience of an organisation that embraces diversity and creates a safe and inclusive working environment which allows everyone to thrive and reach their full potential.

She will help Phoenix by bringing innovative ideas, providing a different perspective, collaborating to drive results and helping to change the narrative and stereotypes of what can be achieved regardless of disability and mental health challenges, by talking about her experience at Phoenix.

Leah is one of Aligra’s Operations Managers, covering the Andover and Bristol areas. Outside of work Leah is very into CrossFit. She is a high flyer and she brings energy and enthusiasm to the Trustee role.

“My main reason for being attracted to the position is because I personally have always struggled with dyslexia. When I started secondary school my parents were told by my teacher that I would leave school with no GCSE’S and college wouldn’t be a option for me. I actually finished school with GCSEs A-C and went on to graduate from university with first class honours. My parents were a fantastic support, and I am fortunate they had the time to support me and money to pay for additional tutoring. But not everyone is as lucky as I was, and of course many of the people at Phoenix struggle with far more complex learning disabilities or mental health problems. However, Phoenix is so clearly an empowering community, where support, friends and training gives every person the opportunity to achieve more than they thought possible. And I think everyone deserves equal opportunities and a supportive network.”