Our Partners

We often get support from local businesses – we just mention that we are a local mental health charity and so many go out of their way to help. It is heart-warming and essential for the survival of our charity. Here are some of them:

Aaron Phull from Aligra is the creative genius behind many of our posters, invitations and this website – we provide the content and he makes it look professional. Aligra also help Phoenix with customer credit checking, HR support and many other vital services. We are so very grateful!

We are hugely grateful for all the help from the lovely support team at Systems Integration. From solving Wi-Fi problems to setting up laptops to troubleshooting all our IT dilemmas. Systems Integration don’t charge Phoenix for all the support they give – Thank you!

Ivan Percival from ESP Colour is endlessly generous with the use of their forklift. It’s help like this that makes all the difference to a charity like Phoenix.