We work with adults experiencing short or long-term mental health problems, these range from depression to autism, and also people with learning difficulties, physical disabilities and people who are struggling to return to work.

We’re incredibly proud to help our service users, here are some of our recent testimonials.

I have struggled to gain employment in the past because potential employers couldn’t see past my physical disabilities. This knocked my confidence. With the help of Phoenix I regained my confidence and determination to get into the workplace. I am now successfully employed and I’m loving my job! Thank you to Phoenix. I couldn’t have done this without your help and support.

I had low self esteem, felt that I couldn’t work and was depressed. Phoenix went to every doctors appointment and health assessment with me. I’m on the road to recovery now and I’m actively looking for employment.

After my mum died my life fell apart. I even thought about suicide. Phoenix helped me pick up the pieces.

I suffer with social anxiety. When I first came to Phoenix I cried before I even got through the door. I struggled to interact with people. I can now talk to others, catch the bus on my own, and I feel okay to be around people who I don’t know.